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Have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy, strong baby. 

Ohio Quit Line

Are you pregnant and want to quit smoking? Go to staying healthy while you are pregnant page to find out more about the Ohio Quit Line program which will reward you for quitting smoking during your pregnancy.

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Never, Ever Shake a Baby

Have you ever felt like you were going to lose your cool when your baby won’t stop crying? Watch the Video on the keeping your baby safe and healthy Page. It will help you remember to step away.

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Resources for Pregnant Women and Children

Would you like to know where you can find support and help during your pregnancy? Click on this link for resources available to pregnant women in the Columbus, Ohio area: You can find this and other resources in the resources for pregnant women and children Page.

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New information has been posted!

Are you interested in information about contraception and planning your pregnancy? Watch the video on the getting healthy before you get pregnant page.

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