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Have you heard about Kangaroo Care?

Kangaroo Care is a method of holding an infant that involves skin-to-skin contact. The infant is placed upright against the parent’s bare chest inside a shirt, much like a kangaroo pouch. There are many benefits of kangaroo care. To read about these benefits, go to the keeping your baby safe and healthy page. You’ll discover why kangaroo care is the best care for mom and baby.

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How Much Weight to Gain During Pregnancy

Your baby gets all his/her nutrients from the food you eat during your pregnancy. But good nutrition does not mean eating for two. It just means eating food that is good for you and the baby. If you are overweight, it’s not a good idea to diet during your pregnancy because you could be depriving your infant of necessary nutrients. Your baby is growing every minute so it’s important to eat good food steadily through out the day and through out your pregnancy. Most doctors feel you should gain around 25-35 pounds during your pregnancy, less if you are overweight, more if you are underweight. After the first trimester you should gain about a pound a week. Gaining too much weight could put you at risk for varicose veins, backaches and other health problems. If you gain too little you risk having a low birthweight infant. Be sure to discuss with your prenatal care provider a dietary plan that is right for you.

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Exercising During Pregnancy

Should you exercise during pregnancy? The answer for most women is YES! Every woman should discuss with her prenatal care provider about what is a safe level of exercise for her. Exercise during pregnancy can help the mother and baby gain the proper amount of weight, help with discomforts such as constipation, back pain, swelling, improve sleep quality. Many women feel that exercise boosts their mood and energy level. Labor seems to go more smoothly for those women who exercise. These are only some of the benefits. So, talk to your prenatal care provider, come up with a plan of exercise that is right for you and GO FOR IT!

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