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Safely Storing Your Breast Milk

Breastfeeding is the best option for feeding your baby. You may find it necessary to pump your breasts and store the milk for later feedings. This is a great option for those mothers returning to work or those who find it more convenient to feed breast milk from the bottle at times. Go to the how to breastfeed page for some tips on safe handling and storage of breast milk. There has also been recent information in the news about breast milk from online donor sites being contaminated with bacteria. Make sure you always know how the breast milk you feed your baby was handled and stored.

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Birth Control After Baby

A big part of having a healthy pregnancy and infant is planning your pregnancy. Go to the getting healthy before you’re pregnant page to discover a great resource on birth control methods, which can be an important factor in planning your pregnancy.

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Good Nutrition is Important!

Good nutrition is such an important part of a healthy pregnancy. There are many resources to help you plan healthy meals, buy nutritious food on a budget, and plan your exercise! If you live in Columbus, or even if you don’t, is a great web site with tips for healthy eating and exercising. You can even find recipes that you and your whole family will enjoy. If you are eligible for WIC, sign up! The foods available for purchase with WIC vouchers provide the foundation for everything you need to eat to have a healthy pregnancy. If you are unsure about the WIC center closest to you, ask your health care provider. Everyone can eat and enjoy a healthy diet!


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