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Iodine and Pregnancy

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that many women aren’t getting enough iodine in their diets. In fact about a third of pregnant women are iodine deficient. Why is iodine important for the pregnant woman? If you’re deficient in iodine, you could have thyroid problems. The thyroid helps control metabolism and other important functions including bone and brain development during pregnancy and infancy which makes iodine especially important for pregnant and nursing women. When people prepare home cooked meals, they often use iodized salt, providing the necessary iodine people need in their diets. People who tend to turn to processed foods will not get the iodine they need because iodized salt is not used in most processed food. Also, many people are using sea salt or kosher salt which does not contain iodine.  Dr. Melissa Goist, an obstetrician at Ohio State University’s Wexner’s Medical Center states that a prenatal vitamin with iodine an a balanced diet should suffice for most pregnant and breastfeeding women. Sources of iodine in food includes fish and other seafood (but be sure to avoid high mercury content fish), seaweed, dairy products, breads and cereals, and fruits and vegetables grown in iodine rich soil. So take your prenatal vitamins and be sure to eat a nutritious diet!

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Spanish Language Website for Pregnant Women

March of Dimes has a Spanish language website for pregnancy and baby health information. Follow this link to access the Spanish language website:

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Stress and Smoking

If you’re a pregnant woman and you smoke, I’ll bet you already know the terrible impact smoking has on you and your baby. Yet, you continue to smoke. If you’re like many women, your reason for smoking is that it helps reduce stress. Go to the staying healthy while you are pregnant page to read a helpful article entitled Stress and Smoking from  The article reminds us that smoking can cause some of your stress, for example the guilt you feel when smoking, the cost of cigarettes, the knowledge of the damage it’s doing to your body and your baby’s.  The stress and smoking article gives you ideas for handling stress in other ways than smoking. Remember, most people deal with stress in ways other than smoking and you can too!

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