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More about fruits and vegetables

While we’re on the subject of fruits and vegetables, remember to properly clean and/or prepare your fresh fruits and vegetables. The outer surface of raw fruits and vegetables can harbor harmful bacteria, such as listeria. Be sure to wash your produce thoroughly. Heat will kill the bacteria, but refrigeration will not. So enjoy your fruits and vegetables, just make sure they are clean. If you’re concerned about pesticide and fertilizer residue on the fruits and vegetables, you may want to purchase certified organic produce.


Veggie Snaps – Central Ohio Farmers’ Market Incentive Program

Most pregnant women are aware of the value of eating a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Women and infants need the vitamins and minerals the fruits and vegetables provide and a diet high in fiber can prevent uncomfortable constipation during pregnancy.  However, many women complain about the high cost of buying fruits and vegetables at the supermarkets or farmers’ markets. Central Ohio has an incentive program where individuals enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can double their dollars when buying fruits and vegetables at participating markets. Follow this link to find more information about Veggies Snaps as well as which markets are in the program:

If you aren’t living in the Central Ohio area, check to see if your farmers’ markets have a similar program.

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