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How to breastfeed

Breastfeeding: an investment in your infant’s future!

A mom breastfeeding her baby outside


Click on this link to go to the women’ web site on breastfeeding:

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

An article published by the NICHD lists benefits to the infant, mother and economic benefits in the U.S. when mothers breastfeed. Click on the following link to read the article:

Breastfeeding helps you keep your baby healthy.
When you breastfeed, your baby is less likely to get sick, or
have to stay in the hospital due to illness. Feeding your baby only breast milk can cut the risk of SIDS
by over 70 percent. (SIDS is the sudden death of a
healthy baby without warning.)
Breastfeeding is also good for your health. Studies show
that the longer a woman breastfeeds, the lower her risk of
developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It also lowers
her risk of diabetes.
Learning about breastfeeding now will help you be
prepared when your baby comes. The following links to videos and other information about breastfeeding can be found on the link:

It’s Only Natural

Videos to help you with breastfeeding:

Making The Decision to Breastfeed

Breastfeeding Misconceptions

Overcoming Breastfeeding Challenges

Proper Handling and Storage of Breast Milk

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